When enough crafting experience has been accumulated, pawns increase in crafting rank and can increase one of five different stats:

  1. Production work speed - Which lowers the overall crafting time for an item, especially useful later on, though it does not affect the quality of the item.
  2. Enhancement strength - The amount of progression made when Enhancing an item, as enhancement is not done in a typical MMO way, and each enhancement attempt will only add a certain amount of the meter towards the next grade.
  3. Equipment quality - Increases the chance of items being crafted as +1 or +2, useful at higher levels despite being a slight bonus, as the weapon's base stats will affect how big of a bonus that weapon receives.
  4. Number of items produced up - Useful for consumable items, as a higher level will enable players to craft a great amount of potions or other useables with very little effort
  5. Cost performance - Lowers the overall gold cost for a recipe, useful later into the game as any given weapon may be upwards to 30k